Our California Almonds are seasoned using our own recipes that come from real foods that you'd find in your kitchen.  We never use artificial flavors or MSG and all our seasonings are gluten  free.

Sweet BBQ.jpg

Sweet BBQ

The perfect dance of almonds and our real homemade BBQ sauce using tomatoes, vinegar, tamari, onion and salt. 

Roasted & Salted

We roast our almonds in clean, light, oil that's the best you can find and then lightly sprinkle them with sea salt.

Spicy Cajun.jpg

Spicy Cajun

Our Cajun seasonings uses black pepper, paprika and cayenne pepper to create a spicy flavor but not too much heat.

Smoked Seasoned.jpg

Smoked Seasoned

We use real wood smoke to give our almonds a deep and natural flavor.  


Whole Natural 

Our whole natural almonds have a delicate, nutty flavor and great crunch.

Wasabi Soy.jpg

Wasabi and Soy

The taste of aromatic and slightly sweet wasabi enhanced with a dash of savory soy sauce.